Mercari … Works or Not?

An experiment. Does Mercari need backlinks or does their huge root domain pull in the juice? Let’s see.

Use code UAFPMF to get up to $30 off (when you sign up for Mercari)

August 22. Let’s see when it appears as a backlink. UPDATE: I pinged this URL and got a backlink the same day.

Let’s add some more listings just to see if that helps too. EDIT: I removed the individual listings as I’m deleting and relisting them on Mercari itself.

I edited a Google account to add links to a profile (since G+ is now defunked) and it was a lot harder than it was before to find/do that. Why does stuff have to keep changing (for the worse)?

Valentine’s Day…Already? F Me

Could this year slow the dafuq down please?! Where’d January go?

Another year, less time. How’s that work?

While I blast my iTunes playlist in order to motivate me to accomplish something today, let me post some PR lists.

I have to say, I’m not a fan of this new block form for WordPress. I get it, the whole mobile market is driving our design and breaking them into blocks let’s things slide where they need to without tables and custom CSS — I get it. It’s just more new crap to learn. When does it end? Death? Or will I still need to do something after that?!