Valentine’s Day…Already? F Me

Could this year slow the dafuq down please?! Where’d January go?

Another year, less time. How’s that work?

While I blast my iTunes playlist in order to motivate me to accomplish something today, let me post some PR lists.

I have to say, I’m not a fan of this new block form for WordPress. I get it, the whole mobile market is driving our design and breaking them into blocks let’s things slide where they need to without tables and custom CSS — I get it. It’s just more new crap to learn. When does it end? Death? Or will I still need to do something after that?!

Damn Near Turkey Day

Oh joyous…the start of the Holiday Season. We go from the ‘me’ holiday of Halloween to the ‘them’ holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. New Year’s Eve comes back to focus on ‘me’ and it’s a good thing too — in order to forget all the disappointments that I’ve apparently been to my family.

But enough about me and other people’s passive-aggressive behavior.  Ha ha. Here’s some links to some good reviews.