Month: September 2017

Test Flight Launched Again

I’m letting the dust settle first before sending another test balloon high into the air.  We don’t want it shot down just yet do we?

Google Business Listings for Liberia Costa Rica

Latest Review —

I goofed and had to redo these, so here’s more — some may be duplicates, but it will just go along to help prove my testing.

As I mentioned in the last post, as an example, the link above has 5 letters together which looks like a German word, but is apparently gibberish.  How did the algorithm know to do that??

Interesting Test Flight

Right now, I feel like how the Wright Brothers must have felt — unknowing if this is going to be the BEST thing that I’ll ever discover…or if it’s yet another ‘crash and burn’ moment.

The light bulb came on when I clicked a ‘share’ link on Google.  The pieces started to make sense.  All the ‘talk’ was actually lining up to become something I could believe in.  Talk is cheap after all…

Google Business Listings for San Jose Costa Rica

Don’t forget these guys.

Hup, not so fast…there’s more if you act now! 😉

Interesting idea:  Who wrote the algorithm that makes these short links?  I mean how do you *guarantee* that a bad word doesn’t form from these “random” characters?!  You could *if* you separated the letters with numbers, but not all of the links have alternating letter/number combinations.  So…how’d they do it?  Does it have to cross-reference the Dictionary and auto-fail any that match a known word?  If so, okay, but then you’ve got to do multiple languages.  Just because it’s mumbo jumbo in English doesn’t mean that some other nationality isn’t pissed.