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Initial Indexing Results Are In!

Well, the Google love gods have spoken and indexed what I had an inkling over.

I’m not sure if *ALL* of them are giving juice — that will require further data sets and time, but I’ll follow up in a future post.  You know how the Big G is about telling you anything related to your own website…

Here’s an oddball one throw in there to confuse them.  😉

Test Flight Launched Again

I’m letting the dust settle first before sending another test balloon high into the air.  We don’t want it shot down just yet do we?

Google Business Listings for Liberia Costa Rica

Latest Review —

I goofed and had to redo these, so here’s more — some may be duplicates, but it will just go along to help prove my testing.

As I mentioned in the last post, as an example, the link above has 5 letters together which looks like a German word, but is apparently gibberish.  How did the algorithm know to do that??