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Welcome to!

We’ve been around for a long time – just not publicly. 😉

We will be opening our doors soon, but we’re currently beta testing with a few, select clients.

If you would like to be considered, drop us an email at “spider<at>rapidsignal<dot>com” and we’ll be in touch. 🙂

Bookmark us now and revisit us often!


Update: May 2012

With all this Panda/Penguin update stuff going on, it’s no longer economically feasible (too time consuming) to create our own RSS/Indexing network; however, I will share in an upcoming post, a few tips and tricks that you can do for yourself, as well as a few paid solutions that we’ve tried out over the years — and may still be using ourselves.  😉


Update: June 2012

We’ve used several paid options in the past — namely sites/services such as Backlink Surge, Linklicious and Drip Feed Links, but some of them have falling out of grace with Google and others, well, they’ve become kind of screwy.

The free options haven’t faired much better.  I used to love How Is My Site and Is My Site Indexed, but somewhere along the way, those 11 or so backlinks weren’t enough, so we went looking for more…

There is one free site that I still use and I’m not sure if I want to share it quite yet.  It’s that good.  So good in fact that I made a Fiverr gig and charged clients to index their site using this website’s tools.  ;^)

I just came across Index Kings the other day and the jury is still out on them.  It seems like a great tool, but the quality of the script seems to interject extra characters into the URL, thereby nerfing its effectiveness.