Interesting Test Flight

Right now, I feel like how the Wright Brothers must have felt — unknowing if this is going to be the BEST thing that I’ll ever discover…or if it’s yet another ‘crash and burn’ moment.

The light bulb came on when I clicked a ‘share’ link on Google.  The pieces started to make sense.  All the ‘talk’ was actually lining up to become something I could believe in.  Talk is cheap after all…

Google Business Listings for San Jose Costa Rica

Don’t forget these guys.

Hup, not so fast…there’s more if you act now! 😉

Interesting idea:  Who wrote the algorithm that makes these short links?  I mean how do you *guarantee* that a bad word doesn’t form from these “random” characters?!  You could *if* you separated the letters with numbers, but not all of the links have alternating letter/number combinations.  So…how’d they do it?  Does it have to cross-reference the Dictionary and auto-fail any that match a known word?  If so, okay, but then you’ve got to do multiple languages.  Just because it’s mumbo jumbo in English doesn’t mean that some other nationality isn’t pissed.