Revisited Deux

Well, this wasn’t going to make good link building sense to do it the other way, so I broke the long list up a bit.  Into two really.  Hence the “Deux” reference — which I wasn’t aware of until I googled the spelling…because I’m daft that way…it’s actually a sexual reference meaning ‘for two’ and here I thought it just meant ‘part two’.  Just goes to show you…”What do I know after all?”

Not much after all it seems.  It’s a good thing I don’t think very highly of myself otherwise I might get my feelings hurt.  😉

P.S.  Apparently I was correct…I don’t know much since I originally published this post with the exact same list of URLs.  So much for actually remembering what I was trying to do after jumping through all the rabbit holes.  Alice, I feel ya sister!

Last minute travel article — — a really really good post with great pictures too!

Shortlinks Revisited

Yeah, yeah, so it’s been awhile…got off my arse already.  😉

Even though the Big G is discontinuing their service, I’m using the hell outta it until then!

I totally understand why.  I mean, they can only come up with so many variations on the same string of alphanumeric symbols and they have enough stuff THEY need to truncate without having to worry about what the public wants to do with it…

So here’s another list to fluff it up some.

Oops, I had to break up the list into two posts.  Remember, ya don’t want too many links on one page!  😉