Revisited Deux

Well, this wasn’t going to make good link building sense to do it the other way, so I broke the long list up a bit.  Into two really.  Hence the “Deux” reference — which I wasn’t aware of until I googled the spelling…because I’m daft that way…it’s actually a sexual reference meaning ‘for two’ and here I thought it just meant ‘part two’.  Just goes to show you…”What do I know after all?”

Not much after all it seems.  It’s a good thing I don’t think very highly of myself otherwise I might get my feelings hurt.  😉

P.S.  Apparently I was correct…I don’t know much since I originally published this post with the exact same list of URLs.  So much for actually remembering what I was trying to do after jumping through all the rabbit holes.  Alice, I feel ya sister!

Last minute travel article — — a really really good post with great pictures too!