Rotating Index Helper

So you’ve got some URLs that you want indexed?  Well, don’t we all babe…so here’s what you’ve gotta do.

Go pick yourself up another domain, one that you will use strictly for indexing — kind of like this site for example.  It’s not our main website, but rather a support site — our own private network (of one) if you will.

“So what’s that going to do for me?”

I know, I hear you already.

It’s going to allow you to post links that you wouldn’t necessarily want to post on your money site, especially since they will be links *to* your money site, so it would look kindof funny having basically a reciprocal link swap going on.  Not to mention, it wouldn’t do much for your rankings and that’s why we’re doing all this work in the first place, remember?

So…you’ve went out and bought an aged domain from GoDaddy auctions or similarly somewhere else.  It’s got a t least 3 years of crust on it, maybe more and you’ve set up hosting, installed a WordPress blog (again, like what you’re reading right now) and you’re now staring at a blank canvas.  What now, right?

Write a welcome blurb (again, follow my example) and then publish some links on either a Post or Page — your call — doesn’t really matter which, but if it were me, I’d go with a Post over a Page.

Again, just watch me, I’m doing it right now.  ;^)

See how hard that was?  Easy Peasy.

Now just keep doing it every once in awhile.  Change out the links after a month or so to look fresh and keep on keeping on down the road.

Next time, I’ll teach you something else.  :^)