Short Links – More Useful Than You Think

So, if you’ve been in the game for any amount of time, you’d know that link shorteners were the rage for the emerging social media.  Yeah sure, they’re useful.  Who really wants a 50+ character string URL anyhoo?  Don’t look now, but this one’s over 60 characters…

But that was a different time.  When stuffing keywords in your title/URL was the silver bullet to ranking.  Well, the cycle has flipped and now, we’re not supposed to focus on that.  Instead, we’re supposed to write naturally.  That habit may be harder to break than it sounds…

Now back to link shorteners though, one thing that they didn’t do was let people ‘preview’ where that link wanted to send the visitor.  Then they came up with all this javascript to load a thumbnail picture before you clicked.  Again, sure it worked, but was it really the best band-aid?

Next came the ‘buy junky domains so you can have your own branded link shortener’ days — which, if you look hard enough, is still around.  Rebrandly is one of those putting a new spin on an old trick.  Notice, I’m not giving them any link love?  😉

These people are on the right track for having a better identifiable source.  Purely as an example, ‘’ may be better than ‘’, but not by much.

I’ve spoken out against using things like on the sole reason of not being in control of your own links.  That’s still true today, but…there may be another use for them after all.

“Finally…spit it the hell out woman.  What are you telling me?!”

Quite frankly, I’m not going to say it because it’s freakin’ powerful.  I will give you a hint…and that’s all.

Now that the years has past and the dust has settled…what does Google think of these websites that shorten links for free?

Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?  Aged authority, that’s right.

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been testing.  Follow along if you want some juice.

Happy Labor Day Weekend America!

P.S.  Even this darn WP theme is ‘previewing’ the links for you.  What happened to the time where WYSIWYG actually worked?!

Update:  I fixed it by making the URLs working links instead of naked text links.  Ahhh, WordPress changing stuff.  Gotta love it.